Nearshore is the term used to describe working with countries that are located near the US. Latin American countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia are primary examples. As it relates to software development for US companies, nearshore provides an attractive alternative to offshore software development in countries such as India and Eastern Europe.

Nearshore countries such as Costa Rica share similar time zones, speak fluent English and produce proficient engineers with software development skills.

Why choose Costa Rica?

Located in the center of the Americas, with more than 120 years of uninterrupted democracy and a stable political system, Costa Rica is
now the hub for a range of multinational companies including Procter & Gamble, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, IBM, Hewlett Packard,
Intel, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, and Citigroup.


Key Elements

Costa Rica’s value proposition include a highly skilled workforce, proximity to the United States of America (USA), attractive tax incentives, low environmental risks, cultural affinity with the USA and Canada, multilingual capabilities, and close alignment between academia and the human capital requirements of the financial services sector.


We are proud, educated people who embrace challenges, learn rapidly and welcome opportunities. A nation governed in peace with a solid long-standing democracy that stands behind health, education and the pursuit of self-development.

Time Zone

Traditional offshore providers serving the US are usually located in different time zones that generate delays in communication or complications on real collaboration, but the management of a team in Costa Rica is very convenient:

  • Costa Rica is located in Central Standard Time.
  • If you need to travel from or to Costa Rica is simple, faster and cheaper. As opposed to other countries, Costa Rica is a very safe destination.